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Sterility: Diagnosis ans Solutions

85% of the cases of sterility is due to causes that can easily be diagnosed with the right studies realized to the couple, so that a proper treatment can be indicated to give solution to the problem. The other 15% of the cases are denominated as sterility due to unknown causes, but even in these cases it is possible to give diverse treatments with great success.

The study of the infertile couple is preformed in an integral and simultaneous form, following a study protocol that focuses on discarding the most frequent problems, in women as in men. When the information obtained suggests that it is necessary to do more specific tests, we continue until we know by detail the identity of the process that alters the possibilities of the couple to conceive.

It is important to point out that each and one of the causes that alters the reproductive process has a concrete treatment, that in most of the cases it is limited to the prescription of certain drugs, or to a minor surgical intervention to correct certain anatomic defects.

When the problems cannot be solved by these means, medical and surgical, we recur to Assisted Reproduction. The Assisted Reproduction is denominated generally as a group of procedures in witch is fundamental the collaboration of a laboratory specialized in biology of reproduction, where the eggs and/or sperms are treated to improve their fecundable capacity, and where the embryos obtained are cultivated to improve their implantation capacity. Now a day, sterility is a problem that affects 15 to 20% of couples in developed countries. It is considered by the World Health Organization as a disease, a fact that gives people the right to be treated.


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